Nokia 3200 - Changing the covers

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Changing the covers

Before changing the cover, always switch off the power and disconnect the phone from the
charger or any other device. Avoid touching electronic components while changing the
covers. Always store and use the phone with the covers attached.

The phone is supplied with some cut-out covers made and approved by Nokia that
you can use to quickly change the look of your phone. You can also make the
covers by yourself.

Note: Use only normal, plain paper used in standard printers (whose
weight is 60-135 g/m


) that is not thicker than 0.3 mm. Colors or ink

used in the paper must not contain metal particles.

1. Remove the back cover as described on page



2. To remove the front cover, gently pull the top of

the cover from the phone (1) and lift the cover.

3. Remove the old cut-out cover from the back cover

and the old cut-out cover and keymat from the
front cover.

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Getting started




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4. Place the new cut-out cover on the front cover (2).

5. Place the keymat on the cut-out cover (3). Make

sure that the keymat is properly in place.

6. To replace the front cover, align the bottom of

the phone with the bottom of the cover (4) and
press the top of the phone towards the cover
until it locks into place (5).

7. Place the cut-out cover into the

back cover by sliding the cut-out
cover under the two guides in the
middle and at the bottom of the
back cover (6).

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2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.


8. Replace the back cover as described in step 6 in

Installing the SIM card and the


on page


. Make sure that the back cover is properly in place.