Nokia 3200 - Keypad lock (Keyguard)

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Keypad lock (Keyguard)

You can lock the keypad to prevent the keys being accidentally pressed, for
example, when your phone is in your handbag.

To lock the keypad, press


in standby mode and then

within 1.5 seconds.

When the keypad is locked,

is shown at the top of the display. To unlock the

keypad, press



within 1.5 seconds.

When the keypad is locked, you can answer a call by pressing

. During a call,

the phone can be operated normally. When you end or reject the call, the keypad
will automatically be locked.

You can also set the keypad to lock automatically after a certain length of time.

Automatic keyguard

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Note: When Keyguard is on, calls may be possible to the emergency number
programmed into your phone (e.g. 112, 911 or other official emergency number).
Key in the emergency number and press

. The number is displayed only after

you have keyed in its last digit.